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The Butterfly

The butterfly is a pretty little insect that flutters about among the flowers on warm summer days The moths come out mostly in the nights and fly about our lamps in the evening. The moths are very much like the butterflies. Both belong to the same family of insects.

There are thousands of kinds of butterflies. They are small and large. Their wings are very beautiful 3S they are of bright colors—red blue, green, yellow, white and black arranged in different patterns.

Some people make it a hobby to collect butterflies. it is a very interesting and healthy pastime for one has to be always in the open air amidst trees and plants. They have to take long walks in the country.

Butterflies are caught in thin muslin nets tied to long sticks. Since the colour on their wings could be easily rubbed off, they have to be handled very carefully and gently. But those who catch butterflies, kill them and paste them with their wings spread. Though it is an inter-astir° hobby, it is cruel since it puts an end to a life unnecessarily.

Except the silk worm, moth, the moths and butterflies are not useful to man. But they give us pleasure with their beauty.

The butterflies do not work like the bees nor they are intelligent like the ants. Their lives are short during which time they flutter around happily and beautifully from flower to flower.

The butterfly may appear to be fluttering in the air without any purpose. But the greatest creative work of nature is being carried on inadvertently by the butterflies.

The butterfly by touching one flower and another is able to aid reproduction of plants and trees. Creation of the seeds of plants and trees are possible by crossing of the dust of one flower to another.

Before its short life is ended the butterfly lays its eggs on the leaves of a plant. But every kind of butterfly will choose its own kind of plant. The eggs will hatch out after some weeks. But you will not find butterflies but instead ugly worms with tiny legs called caterpillars. These caterpillars feed on the leaves and they do great damage to the gardens by eating up the plants.

After a few weeks, the caterpillars are fully grown up. Then starts a long period of laziness and sleep. The cater-pillar weaves around itself what is known as the cocoon. Within the protective walls of the cocoon the caterpillar goes to sleep.

During that period, the caterpillar loses its many legs and ugliness. Afterwards, it busts out of the cocoon and flies away as a beautiful butterfly fluttering its multi-coloured wings.

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