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Problem of World Peace

The world is craving for peace. The leaders and politicians of the world are doing their best to achieve it. But there are numerous critical problems prevailing in the world which are disturbing the peace very badly. If we take the example of India and Pakistan, there is a problem between the two on the issue of Kashmir. This matter has been raised in UNO and other international political forums particularly by Pakistan many times. Both the countries have fought four wars against one issue which is still unsettled and causing concern for world peace. India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. There is a fear of nuclear war between the two which will adversely affect South-East-Asia and lead to danger for world peace. There has been a dispute on boundary issue between Israel and Palestine for last three decades. A lot of destruction has taken place on both the sides. The world has tried its best to settle the problem between the two for bringing peace in the region. Both the countries agreed for cease fire a number of times due to pressure of America and other countries but the tension between the two still persisted.

India and China are two big powers in this region. They are militarily and economically strong enough. Both have the decisive role in world politics. India and China have a significant role in a uni polar world when America is dictating its terms on other country of the world. There is an understanding among the countries which are depending on America to shift their dependence from it and join the group headed by Russia. India and China can play a great role in building up the new opponent group against the bossism of America. There is a need to form such a group out of the countries including India and China which can oppose dictatorial attitude of America. Such a group which consists of India and China can only neutralize the big brotherly behaviour of America. But there must be good relations and matured understanding between India and China. The present regimes of both-the countries believe in sorting out their long outstanding border dispute and also improve the relations in other fields like trade and commerce in order to improve their economy.

Though India and China are accelerating global competition, they have to do much more so that they can boost their economic progress which is necessary for having capacity to oppose. America dictates undesirable terms on others. America could not have done injustice on Iraq against the strong opposition. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, America became sole super power in the world.

In the present circumstances, America is imposing its will and interference in internal matters of other countries for its self-interest, which is creating problem instead of peace and harmony in the world. Many countries of the world are either holding weapons for mass destruction or keeping themselves busy in manufacturing the chemical, nuclear and the biological weapons. A very serious case of transferring the designs and technology for nuclear weapons has come into light. The founder of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme, Dr. Abdul Qudir Khan confessed in 2005 that during the last 15 years, he had provided Iran, North Korea and Libya with the technology for manufacturing nuclear weapons. It is a very difficult task to implement nuclear ban treaty to stop nuclear proliferation. This kind of act of top scientists of nuclear programme of a country is very dangerous for world peace.

Though the possibility of Third World War has come to an end with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the division in the world politics is still possible. Russia knows about the greater role of America during cold war for cracking down the Soviet Union. Russian never trusted on America instead it opposed the dictating terms of America many times. It was clearly seen when America attacked Iraq during 2003. Russia is still a strong country of the world. It has a number of countries which are its close companions and can stand by Russia at the time of need in world affairs.

There are many more problems which are still prevailing in the world. A few examples are of China—Tibet, Russia—Chechenya, Bosnia—Harzegovina, China—Taiwan and so on. Unless their problems are settled, they keep on creating problems which will become a cause of concern against world peace

The United Nations Origination has a great responsibility of maintaining peace and security of the countries of the world. The UN adopts various measures such as (i) appointing a body of persons to help in bringing about an agreement between the opposing nations in their dispute (ii) sending investigation missions in troubled areas to gain information (iii) securing agreements to reduce armaments and work for disarmament and (iv) preventing genocide by appealing to member countries to observe principles enunciated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But a lot of deterioration has taken place in the function of the UNO as well as in the attitude of member countries. In the uni polar world, when America is dictating the whole world according to its will and interest, the UNO has remained ineffective in showing its superiority over the countries of the world. It is the reason why the UNO has been failing in sorting out the disputes of the opposing nations. Such nations are either going for war or being victimized by the USA by making them agreed to unjust terms.

The peace in the world can be established only if the UNO shows its effectiveness and that can be possible only when it is cooperated by all the countries of the world. All the nations of the world must respect its decisions. The problems between the nations should be solved amicably through the UNO.

The destiny of the world rests in the hands of its leaders. They should unite themselves to achieve this aim. The power of science should he used for peaceful purposes instead of war and destruction. The whole world should work for peace and security. The violation of human rights must be avoided. It can be possible only when all the nations co-operate in finding the solution of the problems related to solution international political, social, economic, cultural, territorial and humanitarian aspects. The conflict is not the answer for a solution and bringing peace. We can bring peace by honouring the decisions taken by the UNO with unanimity and with the consent of aggrieved nations.

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