Essay on “National Harmony” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

National Harmony

A nation can only progress smoothly if its society is in peace. There are many factors which disrupt the harmony of a society and it ranges from poor living conditions to social and religious conflicts. We will try to look briefly into it.

The level of integration and harmony in Indian society has been not satisfactory in the recent times because political parties have been fostering casteism, communalism among the masses. The result of all this is that innocent lives are lost, properties worth lakhs are destroyed and ill will prevails between communities.

It is not possible to think of constructive progress if there is an atmosphere of distrust and fear within the country, as it cannot allow political stability and economic development. Moreover for the progress of a country all religions should be accorded same respect and importance and all the vernacular language also should be encouraged.

For a progressive nation harmony and peace go hand in hand. Sometimes peace becomes the target of political manipulation. The Opposition Parties start obstructing the functioning of the government by not approving some of the policies of the Ruling Government. But such issues should be brought before the public at the time of elections and not before that. They only disturb the law and order of the country by holding strikes, demonstration etc.

Harmony demands that there should be commitment not to an individual or a political party but to the nation as a whole and only then a nation can progress.

If a country does not have harmony and peace, then it will not be politically, socially or economically stable. This would harm the country on the road of progress.

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