Essay on “Morning Assembly” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Morning Assembly

Essay No. 01

The school resembles a holy place at morning assembly The atmosphere is all calm and quiet. Students and teachers stand in the ground. The gates of the school are closed to remind the late comers to be punctual next time. The whistle, of the Physical Education teacher prepares the students to fall in. Students who are to lead in the prayer come forward and stand facing the assembly. Almost all with closed eyes sing the praise of God. After the prayer, a student reads the important news. The Principal or in his absence a teacher delivers a moral speech. This speech is short and enlightening The bell goes and the assembly comes to an end, the students quietly move to their respective classes. Everything happens in a disciplined manner. Morning assembly inculcates moral values and prepares students to start their routine on after praying to God. This habit formed stands them in good stead throughout their life.

Essay No. 02

The Morning Assembly in My School

The morning assembly is an important part of school routine. The school work begins with the morning assembly. Every school holds the morning assembly before it starts its day’s work. The morning assembly is held either in the assembly hall or in the open. Just as morning shows day, similarly the morning assembly shows the daily working of the school.

The school begins with a long bell. On hearing the bell the students go to their class-rooms. They keep their satchels on their seats. Meanwhile their class teachers also come to their classes. When the second bell is rung, the students move towards the place of assembly in a line. Their class teachers are also with them. The students stand class wise and section wise in rows. The school Principal and all the teachers are present in the assembly.

The physical education teacher conducts the assembly. The students listen to his instructions. There is silence in the assembly. Three to four students appear on the stage. They begin the prayer. All the students take part in it. After the prayer daily news is read to the students Speeches are made by the students. The Principal makes important announcements in the assembly.

The students take some light exercises. It keeps them active and alert throughout the day. After this they are sent to their respective class rooms. The class teachers go with them. They see that no student makes any mischief on the way. In this way the morning assembly infuses a spirit of discipline in students.


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