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 Indian Decorations

Our Bharat or India has seen many people who have specialized in their respective fields and are among those who have defied the odds and gone ahead to achieve something in life or been brave in a situation of life or death risking their own lives. India has special awards for all those who are special in some particular way and have made that invaluable contribution to society.

The highest award among all the awards given to an individual is the Bharat Ratna which has been given to very few people some of whom include of noted people such as Ms. Subbulakshmi. The next to that is Padma Bhushan which is also a prestigious award. The next award in this line of prestigious awards come the Padma Vibushan, the Padmasri. Like all these awards which are given to civilians, the military saviors or military people also have their own awards which are given to the deserving. These awards such as Parama Virachakra, Maha Virchakra, Virchakra, Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Shourya Chakra etc which are of great honour for the deserving military man. In the sports field the Arjun Award honours the sportsmen. The last and most important award is the Bravery award which is awarded to the young people who have saved other people. All these awards are awarded during the Republic Day.

The selection process is by the committee which has been selected and who then scrutinize the list of people who are nominated and then choose the final nominees.

In the end all deserving candidates are awarded for their various contributions. It is a matter of great honor to receive these awards, and we must appreciate all these individuals who want to make a difference.

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