Essay on “Dowry System: A Curse” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Dowry System: A Curse

Dowry System is an old custom in India, which has, with the passage of time, become a social curse. Today gifts and presents, worth lakhs of rupees are given to the daughters by their parents at their marriage.

Centuries ago the dowry system was primarily for the happiness and security of their daughters. But today, dowry has become a curse. People in high society give heavy dowries to their day so the other sections of society too comes under pressure but are unable to manage much hence have to borrow by selling everything. At time dowry also compels them against their judgement to earn money from unfair means. As a result, marriage loses its true meaning and becomes a bargain.

Girls whose parents fail to quench the thirst for dowry of the bridegroom’s family are forced to commit suicide or sometimes they are even burnt by them as we all come to read these days in newspapers.

Although the Government has brought the Dowry Prohibition Act, in which, a person asking for dowry would be sentenced to prison these laws alone cannot solve this vital problem

We should not blame the bridegrooms’ family alone for in some way even the brides’ family is to be blamed for this dowry curse. The bride’s family thinks that if they give heavy dowry their daughter would be happy in the family but they do not realise that actually they are making her life difficult by giving the bridegrooms’ family a chance to ask for more.

It is for the youth to come forward against this curse. A commendable example is the case of Nisha Sharma, who had such sense of honour that she refused to marry in such family who was greedy for money and made them return from her place on the marriage day. In India, we need more girls like her who can raise their voice against this curse.

We should remember that marriage is a sacred ceremony. It is the union of two souls who have to live together whole life. The sanctity of marriage could not be maintained if we allow money to decide for us.

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