Essay on “Computer-Its Uses and Abuses” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Computer-Its Uses and Abuses

We are living in the age of computer. Computer technology has made much progress during the last fifty years. A computer can select, copy, move, compare and perform other non arithmetic operations. Computers are already helping man in the fields of education, commerce, banking, industry, communications and medical sciences.

Computers have some special features. These features are speed, storage capacity and accuracy. They work with a high degree of reliability. They often make mistakes. For this the fault lies with the man who operates them. Computers have certain qualities which make them superior to man in some ways. The first quality is that they never get tired. They can do a variety of jobs. They can work for long without any human help.

Computers have brought about automation in every field. They have been installed in business houses, banks, factories, railway stations and hospitals. This has increased production and reduced manpower. With the introduction of computers, medical science has become more precise. With the help of machines like CAT, medical scientists find the exact nature of a disease. Computers have brought about revolution in the field of space exploration.

Computers have their negative aspect also. Since a computer can do the work of several persons, it will make the unemployment problem more serious. It has killed the original thinking of people. They have already stopped using their brain. There are many moral issues over which computers have no control. All said and done, computers have come and they will stay.

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