Essay on “Charity Begins At Home” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Charity Begins At Home

It is not selfish to say that mans first and foremost duty towards himself and his family. He can’t be happy i his relations are in trouble. The world will call you a fool of the first water if you ignore yourself and your family and feed others. A poor man can never be a charity point. He can’t be an alms giver. This world is full of such sentimental fools and misguided idealists who starve their own fellows and help others. They try to spread light in the houses of other people when their own house is in pitch darkness. They talk about adopting orphans when their own children are living like orphans. Talk of peace and understanding is all hoax when they can’t establish peace and harmony in their houses. Idealists are half-mad people because they live in fool’s paradise. They fail to see reality. Giving charity is noble. It shows that you are sensitive. Without charity benevolent deeds will come to an end. But thoughtless charity is a foolish fad. It testifies that you are irresponsible and believe in show off. So charity is nice when you have enough and to spare. It should not be at the cost of your home and your own people. So, first of all be true to your own home. Thereafter, you be courteous, beneficial and useful for others. In the same way internationalism should follow nationalism.

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