Essay on “Career Counselling” for school, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Career Counselling 

Gone are days when people wanted to become only doctor and engineer (sometimes due to inclination and sometimes by compulsion). Today opportunities are many and new fields of work are emerging to suit the modern life .Thus. the need of the hour is career counseling and guidance given to the students regarding the study or subject they must pursue and kind of work they should in for to see best result.

The kind of career options we have now suits the Interests and attitude of a wide range of students. The list is very long but some of the career options other than the usual ones are career in different management studies. bio technology, bio-informatics, fashion technology, forensic science, cyber crime, travel & tourism, media and mass communication, public relation and soon. The variety of option available leaves the students and parents confused or indecisive. That’s where career counseling comes to the rescue.

It plays an important role especially, when student pass out class X and later class XII. It’s the turning point where they have to make choice. Counseling sessions are in, in some of the schools. People can also seek the help from professional counseling experts who offer help through interactive sessions. They direct the students to take up what is best suited to them, where to get admission (the colleges where the subject is available), when to apply and the job prospects. Even, they tell the parents what to expect and what not to from their wards. Career counseling is available at different levels and so is an advantage to those students who do not wish to pursue any professional course but want to go for training or take up diploma courses, to seek early employment.

Career counseling especially at the job seeking level helps a person to look in for jobs suitable to one’s qualification and exposure. The important tips they provide helps one to acquire certain skills if we lack them. They provide information on where to apply and how.

Today, we even have career consultancy services which have opened in most of the cities and towns. They offer complete information and guidance to students who want to pursue higher education in USA OR UK. They also provide the guidance for overseas research scholarships. They even help in processing the application for the preferred universities.

Career counseling, its importance and need is reflected in the newspaper and T.V. Newspaper these days; issue a separate section on education once in a week where two or three articles are devoted to career counseling. They also carry advertisements of consultancies. Some slot is given to career counseling programmes during the time of college admissions or results class X & XII.

Career counseling from school or from private consultancies definitely clears doubts, helps to make right choices, allow the students to go for better options if not so academically inclined and helps save time which is very crucial. It also mentally prepares parents and gives them the idea of financial part.

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