Essay on “Attitudinal Change” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Attitudinal Change

CHANGE – everyone accepts is the spice of life. Change- in environment, change by holidaying, change in circumstances or change of any possible kind, works wonders for us human beings. However, all these changes have only a temporary effect on man and his psyche. They all tend to give man relief from his daily nagging problems, and appear to refresh him for a while. However, the change that is most essential for any long-standing or permanent improvements in any sphere of life for man, is the change that he can bring about in his basic attitudes to things around him and to people around him.

Unless man brings about a drastic change in his/her attitude there can be no real and lasting improvement in life and circumstances. What we mean by the term attitudinal change is that our thinking process takes to a complete and permanent change. It is only then, that a concept, a reality or even a fact can change. When the very perception or perspective changes, there is bound to be a remarkable change in the person and his surroundings.

Let us for instance take the most burning example of the position of women in our society. Now girls are found to be highly educated, they are getting a chance to work in good jobs and even doing very well in their careers. This is exactly what we had wanted in the past, and have worked hard to achieve it all. Now, women are found to be equal to men as, we find them working shoulder to shoulder with men at an equal footing. Yes, I daresay that, it was this position of equality with men, that women were yearning for and, they have now finally achieved their goal. However, once they have reached the goal set for them, let us find out whether the women are really equal to men or, is it just a mirage? I personally do not think that women are in any way equal to men. In all spheres they are cowed down to their male colleagues, they face undue challenges and harassment in their place of work. Is this in any way equality with men? Even in the restricted environment of the home, no matter how much the woman may earn, how highly educated she may be, she is still in all reality, the junior partner.

Why is this so, when women claim to have become equal to men? The reason for this stalemate in the position of women is the basic attitude of all concerned. First and foremost the women themselves very rarely like to do anything without the consent and even approval of the man of the family. This implies that, inspite of women having achieved so much, they themselves have not been able to come out of their shells and they still unknowingly accept the man as the senior. This attitude has to change if women really want to be equal to men. They should be taking their own decisions and not wait for the man to support or accept. So, I daresay that women may have changed but, their attitudes have to change to make them bloom fully. Besides the attitude of women, the men have to change their attitudes towards women. They still think, and even take it for granted that, no matter what, women are their subordinates. Thus, unless the men are willing to change their outlook and give the so-called modern woman her due, nothing will really change. Unless men start accepting women as their equals, no matter how much women shout about their equality with men, things will not change substantially. Even in the small sphere of the home unless women assert their equality and men give acceptance to their being equal not much can be said to have really changed.

Just as in the case of the position of women in the human hierarchy, in all other things as well, attitudinal change is absolutely necessary to make any positive differences in life. It is the attitude of individuals involved that make or mar any situation. It is this attitudinal change in every sphere of life that can work wonders in converting a problem into a solution. Whatever it may be, social change, moral change or any other change, it is the attitudes of all involved that ultimately really count, as the very essence of the prevailing environment.

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