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An Ideal Citizen

Essay No. 01

An ideal citizen is an asset to both the society around him and the country as a whole. He establishes a standard of life in everything. He has a great love for his country and her countrymen. He is a great well-wisher of the mankind. He does not distinguish between caste, colour and religion. He is a friend of all and foe to none. He is a true patriot. He loves people of all nations, religions and sects equally. He abides by the law of the land. He protests aloud on anyone breaking law. He is a great despiser of social evils like, corruption, caste distinction, exploitation of women and the poor and the untouchability. In spite of all this he is tolerant in all matters. He does not turn violent and rebellious. He possesses the highest moral character. He is selfless. To him, work is worship. He believes in the dignity of labour and is a great lover of those who earn their living by the sweat of their brow. He is against hoarding, thieving and smuggling and black-marketing. He does not remain a dumb spectator on witnessing these social evils before him. He makes a loud protest. He has a great moral courage. Sometimes he has to face some trouble in consequence of his protests but he bears all this patiently. The sincerity of his will gives him an extra courage to fight these evils. The corrupt officers and black marketers, the smugglers and the hoarders try to meet him secretly to seek his favour but he defies their offers openly and exposes them in public.

He is a busy man during elections. He does not side with any party. He points out the weak points in all parties’ programmes and manifestos. Everyone fears him and he fears none. He is an institution in itself. He is an asset to the nation.


Essay No. 02


The Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is one who knows about his right and duties. He knows his place in life and know his relations with others. No two persons are alike. Temperamentally, educationally, emotionally and psychologically one man differs from the other. This is the law of nature. A man has to adjust with people of different temperaments. A man who can do this is an ideal citizen.

An ideal citizen lives for others and helps others to live. In other words, he understand intricately about his rights and duties He knows his rights and therefore he is dutiful. He is a gentleman. He has a sense of self-respect and is aware that others have it, too. Such a person honours the feelings of others so that others may honour him. He never does anything to others which he would not like others do to him. He is courteous, generous and benevolent.

 An ideal citizen is a person with- a- high sense of responsibility. He does not do anything which may lower his prestige. How often we meet or hear of people who would like to live according to their own personal whims caring little for the feelings and convenience of others. How often do we hear people complain of their neighbours who even at midnight would put on their music system at full volume? Such people never seem to consider that other people may be in dire need of rest and sleep. Someone might be sick in the neighbour’s house, the children may be studying for their exam and so on. A good citizen always takes these things into consideration.

An ideal citizen honours the social code and honours the laws of the land. He has a healthy moral outlook and believes in disciplined society. His actions help in the progress of society. He is straight forward, honest, righteous and broadminded. He is cultured, well-behaved and amiable. In brief an ideal citizen is not a liability but an asset for the society.


Essay No. 03


An Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is one who thinks one’s country first. He is duty conscious. He casts his vote according to his conscience. He is above caste, colour and creed.

He always does things which are in the interest of his nation and her people. He works for the betterment of his fellow countrymen. He pays his taxes honestly and in time.

He is ready to sacrifice everything for his country. He is law-abiding. He makes the right use of all civic amenities. He serves the poor and the helpless with a smile.

He does not let anybody misuse the public places. He tries to keep them clean. He tries to protect his country from all ills and harms. He never accepts bribes. He never sides with the criminals. He is an important asset for the country.

Essay No. 04


An Ideal Citizen

We are all citizens of free India. India is full of many problems. As good citizens it is our duty to pay attention towards these problems and help in solving them. As an ideal citizen, it is my foremost duty to be faithful to my country. I must be a true patriot ready to sacrifice my comforts for the uplift of the country. As an ideal citizen, I must be a useful member of the society and should be honest. An ideal citizen will devote his energies to work to increase the country’s production and lead it to self-sufficiency. An ideal citizen will be a law-abiding person and will help in maintaining law and order. An ideal citizen should try to work towards elimination of crimes. He must take part in the democratic process. It is also the duty of an ideal citizen to impart teaching to the illiterate.

Essay No. 05

An Ideal Citizen

A nation is made great not by gold but by its citizens. An ideal citizen is a strength and wealth of his nation. He is ideal in every respect. His first and foremost quality is his love for the country. He keeps the interests of the country above all other interests. He is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of his country.

An ideal citizen is a law-abiding citizen. He is fully conscious of his rights and duties. He knows that rights and duties go side by side. He keeps his record straight and pays his taxes well in time. He hates moral and social evils. He helps the government to do away with these evils. He upholds the dignity of the country.

An ideal citizen has a liberal outlook on life. For him there is no difference between anybody. High and low, rich and poor, all are equal for him. He never quarrels in the name of religion and language. He believes in the brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. He has endless fund of tolerance in him. The motto of his life is to live and let live.

An ideal citizen is a great humanist. He is not narrow minded. He aims at improving the lot of humanity. He knows that man’s life is full of sufferings. He spends most of his time and money in relieving others of their miseries. He believes in the self-less service of mankind. For him, love of mankind is love of God. His life is a saga of acts of kindness. Our country requires us to become ideal citizens.

Essay No. 06

An Ideal Citizen

A citizen who fulfills his responsibilities and duties towards the judicial, political, religious and social matters of the society is an ideal citizen. Loyalty towards the state should be the uppermost thought in the mind of the citizen. He should be sympathetic towards the weaker sections of society.

| An ideal citizen should be respectful towards elders, have compassion for children, be friendly towards the people and should always be willing to step in case of some emergencies. More importantly he should be ideally devoted towards his family also.

An ideal citizen should not do any such thing which may harm him like being involved in the terrorist activities. He should not bring disgrace to his country.

Moreover an ideal citizen should respect the rich cultural heritage of his nation. By paying his taxes on time and by always being ready to sacrifice his life for the nation, he can prove his patriotism. To protect his nation from foreign elements should be his first duty.

A citizen can only become an ideal citizen if he lives in harmony and peace with his neighbours and keep away from wrong elements. An ideal citizen’s priority should be to work in unity, as it can overcome a lot of difficulties.

If a person possesses the above qualities, then he is an ideal citizen in every respect.

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