Essay on “A Visit to a Circus” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Visit to a Circus

The morning paper announced the arrival of the Gemini Circus close to our place. Needless to say, it became the topic of the day. I pleaded with my parents to take me to the circus. I was very impatient, but we could get tickets only for the fifth night. Finally, the day arrived. I counted the hours as they slowly slipped by.

As evening approached we dressed up and reached the grounds well in time. A huge tent had been put up. We took our seats in the tent. At exactly 6 p.m. the show commenced.

A girl, dressed in a skirt made of glittering stars, walked on a rope tied high up. She moved with confidence and ease and performed many acrobatic feats. Then a fat, muscular man walked in. There was much clapping as he showed his muscles. He bent some iron rods and picked up heavy weights. It was the clown’s turn next. He had lots of make-up on his face, with red lips and a large cherry red nose. Everyone laughed at him.

After the elephants, horses and monkeys had finished performing their tricks, lions were brought there in iron cages. There was utter silence as a man in black clothes with a whip in his hand entered the cage. The three lions were brought out and made to jump through large rings of fire. Everybody held their breath as they did this, one after another, to perfection.

The trapeze was the most thrilling and dangerous event for this was done on swings that hung high up from the ceiling of the tent. Then came the climax, the motorcycle show. Two planks were kept slanted near the entrance of the tent. There was a gap of about thirty feet between them. A shot was fired, and within seconds a motorbike shot past, up in the air and landed on the planks on the other side! Everybody clapped and the marvelous show came to an end. It was indeed the best circus show I had seen in my life.

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