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A Street Beggar

Essay No. 01

Beggary is a slur on the face of every society. They are seen everywhere. Outside temples, schools and in the market places, they are seen demanding money. Usually their condition is deplorable. They wear dirty rags with begging bowls in their hands. Everyone takes pity on them and gives them a coin or two. The beggars include lepers and handicapped children and women. Some of them are quite healthy and strong.

Beggary is increasing day by day. It has become an organised profession of some of the people of underworld. Many people belonging to low class of society are forced into beggary. There are people who steel children and after making them physically handicapped put them into this profession. They become the bosses and inflict all the cruelties upon these unfortunate children to become their earners for all their lives. They only arrange for their paltry food to keep them alive and capable to beg. This is really pitiable. There are some beggary homes present in some cities financed by the Govt. but they are not enough and they are not properly managed. Unless some strict laws are made by the Government banning beggary at public places, outside bus and railway stations, schools and temples, the menace will continue. This is one of many evils of our society and unless steps are taken to control all of them people will have to suffer about them.

There are some religious sanctions in it’s favour. We are asked to give away alms to the needful to ward off our sufferings. The spirit of giving away alms is good but the way it is exploited by some selfish people is deplorable. Some very healthy youths are seen asking for money. Why ? Cant they work ? They can, but they have made it a profession as it is an easy going work. They can get coins anywhere without toiling for them. This trend should be discouraged and such people caught and put to some work otherwise they are to be a permanent slur on this society.


Essay No. 02


A Street Beggar

Beggars are a great nuisance in India. There are many kinds of beggars. There are some able-bodied beggars. They take to begging because they do not apply their energy to a gainful profession.

There are others who really deserve. They consist of disabled, diseased and old people. There are others who simply pose to be disabled. Sometimes, they are the agents of a cheat who gets this work out of them.

The beggars live in colonies outside a town. These colonies are very dirty localities. All sorts of vices are practiced there. While the woman goes out begging, her husband gambles and drinks.

Certain States have made laws against begging. The Government should chalk out a definite plan to solve this problem and take legal against this nuisance.


Essay No. 03

A Street Beggar

Beggars are a common sight in almost every town, city and village of India. The beggars wander from one place to another for alms and food. The main places where they beg are temples, roadsides markets, etc. Some beggars become a nuisance when they constantly follow a person for alms.

Most of the times people give alms to beggars not because they pity them but toward them off. Some of them are healthy and do not deserve our charity. There are a few who genuinely need it as they are crippled, lame, dumb or handicapped and cannot earn their living any other way. These are the one who evoke real pity in a person’s heart.

Sometimes a beggar gets alms by singing in trains and buses. A leper can be seen being carried in a manually driven cart from one place to other begging alms.

This does not mean that all beggars need alms, as some inspite of being in good health, beg just because then they will not have to work and then there are others who on the pretext being a beggar steal jewellery and money from people. These beggars can be seen in indulging in various shady activities like gambling and drug abuse. We should try to find ways to club this as it is a social blot.

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