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A Solitaire Diamond

I am a solitaire diamond all shining, beautiful and young. My life has been a thrilling experience, being, a life of one who is sought for, and respected in the highest echelons of society. My weight is of six carats and, today I am adorning the trousseau of a bride to be.

I just do not know how and where I was born but, when I go back to the early days of my life, I feel ever so elated at the thought of always having been a heart throb of women all around the world. I am still loved and shall always be, that is a certainty and security of my future. I am here to pen for you my dear readers excerpts of my life as I remember them.

One thing has always been a common feature of my daily life and that is, my beauty has always been a source of pleasure for me, as all the time praises are given to me in abundance. I am absolutely convinced that I must be really beautiful. It is so sad that I cannot see and admire myself, but, after all when everyone says so, it must be correct. This gives me such a wonderful feeling that, I remain on top of the world of beauty.

For years, I do not know how many, I remained quietly in a jewellry shop in an area of Delhi called Connaught Place. From the conversations I overheard, I was brought to my present form of stunning beauty in the State of Gujarat. That place I believe is the hub of diamond business in India. There, in Gujarat, when I was being polished and treated with many other of my smaller colleagues I remember the pain I had to undergo. However, the result of bearing that pain has been very rewarding and I have become a beauty to be admired and wanted by all who see me.

From Gujarat, I was bought by the jeweller where I sit cozily in a cupboard. My master deals in gold and diamond jewellrey. He bought me for a fantastic price of, I do not know how many lakhs. My life at the jewellery shop has been very interesting. Every day the discussions between my master and his customers has enlightened me and, I have become very knowledgeable as far as jewels are concerned. At the shop, my routine is just fixed. I would be taken out of the cupboard every day with my smaller colleagues, shown to customers, each item discussed, some bought and others kept back. At times, some diamonds were just bought by customers, while at other occasions, diamonds were selected and a specific piece of jewellrey ordered to be made by my master. This exercise of being brought out of the cupboard, exhibited in front of some customers, being rejected by them, and then being kept back in the cupboard was very disappointing for me. If some of my lesser friends were bought, and I was left, I even felt insulted. I wondered why people just praised me but, no one was ready to buy me and take me home. This disappointment also had another aspect to it. I felt very happy when I heard that, I was too expensive that is why customers loved to see me but never ventured to buy me. Thus I was very, very satisfied to know that I was just exceptional and expensive, so, had to pay for being so high and mighty. As time passed by, I used to wonder how long I would have to languish in the dark confines of the cupboard of the shop. The loss of a few friends every day made me feel more and more depressed, and I wondered what was in store for me. However, I consoled myself by saying that, Oh, I am too good for man to afford me. This situation lasted for, I do not know how long. I was able to see the light of the day for just a few hours every day and that was all life gave me. Life became too much of a boring routine and I could see no end to it. I often told myself how will and when will my master find a good customer for me? However, as is rightly said there is an end to everything and it was so also for my boredom.

One fine day, an elderly couple came to the shop and asked my master for a solitaire. They had come with their beautiful young daughter who was supposed to be getting married in a month’s time. As soon as all of them sat, and I, from my place in the cupboard heard them ask for a solitaire, my heart missed a beat and, I was sure that it was me whom they looked for. Now, as soon as I was brought from my dark sojourn they all, all the three gasped and, without a thought, bought me. Now there would at last be a change in my life and the change was sure to be for the better. Now the next instruction from the buyer was to make a ring for their sweet girl. Within a week, my master brought me to my present shape as a ring for the girl. When I was ready, the old couple came again and appreciated the beauty and perfect craftsmanship, and took me home.

Now, at present, I am lying in my box with a number of other of my colleagues, all items of jewellery for the girl’s trousseau. The marriage is still a month away and till then I lie here quietly with others. I will be worn by the girl only after I am formally presented to her by her parents on her wedding. However, it is not very boring here as, I have several companions all awaiting the marriage. Besides the company of my friends, I get a lot of entertainment when people and her relatives come to see her dowry. The comments people pass on all of us, are very interesting and never give us a moment to get bored. Together with all this the girl often fondles with each one of us and specially me. This gives us the love and care we all look forward to. Meena, that is the girl to whom I belong to is ever so loving and soft in her dealings. When she touches me for a few moments I can get the feel of her soft and loving nature. I wonder how lovely it will be when she wears me regularly in her soft and delicate finger. The very idea of her donning me for all time makes me thank God for the lovely master HE has given me.

Up to now, life has been very fine and kind, and in the loving company of Meena, I can be sure of a great future of always remaining beautiful and an object of adornment.

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