Essay on “A Picnic Party” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

A Picnic Party

It was a fine day. We requested our teacher for an outing. He was brought round somehow. We decided to set out on the next morning for Okhla. A few boys were selected to make the programme and purchase eatables. We packed all our things necessary on such an outing.

We decided to go on cycles. We were a party of twenty-three boys. All of us were in high spirits. The servants carried the packed lunches by bus. We were enjoying the journey on our bikes. A cool breeze cheered us. We were riding up and down the road. We chattered, joked, sang and laughed freely. Everyone was in cheering spirits. We reached Okhla at ten a.m. There was a big crowd. We spread a carpet under a shady tree and settled down. We felt very happy.

After resting for a while, we wore our swimming dresses and plunged into the water. We splashed water on one another. We wore clothes and sat on our carpet again. The servants had prepared tea for us. Tea was served with sweets and other eatables. Finally, we were served mangoes. We ate to our fill.

 After this feast we played indoor games. A few of us, who had eaten heartily, went to sleep. We had a good singer among us. He entertained us with his melodious voice. One of our colleague entertained us with tit-bits and famous stories. Others too participated. Our teacher shared out fun and gave us a sweet talk.

It was now five O’clock. We packed our things. We set ourselves on our cycles again and set out on our return journey. We had a jolly good time. We reached home after sun-set. The outing was an enjoyable experience.

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