Essay on “A Juggler’s Performance” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Juggler’s Performance

Last Friday when I was returning from school with my friends. I saw the performance of a Juggler near my school. I stood there with my friends, to see his feats. First of all the Juggler said many funny things. He then took out a piece of wood. He called it “Bajarbattu”. He said, if a widower ties it round his right shoulder on Saturday, it will bring him a dozen wives, and if this Bajarbattu, is waved over a bitch, it will at once become an ass.

Then he started his show, first of all, he took out an earthen pot. He showed that it was quite empty. He then waved his stick several times and the pot was filled with water. He threw out the water and the pot became empty. He waved his stick again over it, and it was again filled with water.

Next he took a little sand from the ground and placed it on his left palm. He then said something on his palm and opened it. There lay a glittering rupee coin on his palm. In this way he made five rupees. Then all of them disappeared at once.

The Juggler then come to me and took my watch from me. He broke the watch with a hammer into pieces and asked my friend to throw the pieces away into a well. I became nervous. The Juggler asked me to put my hand in my pocket. I was astonished and much pleased to find the watch in my pocket again. After this, he showed us many more funny and interesting tricks which we liked very much.

At the end, the Juggler went round with a bowl. Sonic dropped coins, other dropped rupees and some slunk away. I dropped a rupee note. The Juggler blessed me. It was an astonishing performance.

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