Essay on “A Dining Table” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Dining Table

A dining table is a common item of furniture found and used in every home, and, for that, I feel that I am just one of many. However, when I look at my life, the pleasure is entirely mine.

My residence is in the home of one Mr. And Mrs. Sinha. Their’s is a large family of eight members so, they got me made to order. This in itself indicates that I am different to others. I was made according to the personal tastes and the personal needs of the family. As I have heard they ordered me at the furniture mart at Kirti Nagar, an area famous for its furniture shops, and also probably the biggest market in Delhi. They gave their own specifications regarding the size, the shape and the colour, and also the wood to be used. It took the shop fifteen days to complete me to a finish, and once I was ready, my master brought me home. I have now been iii, this home for the last two years.

Here, life is veil/ hectic and interesting, and of course very comfortable too. I am a beautiful mahogany table, with a glass top. I am big enough to accommodate eight family members all together. In the center of my body there is a disc like thing that rotates when, ever required. The food is put in bowls and then laid on the central disc of my body. Whenever an individual wants to serve himself a particular item of food, he turns the disc till the dish he wants, reaches him. My beauty is often being appreciated by one and all, whether it be the family members or any guests or invitees to the house. My beauty, my pattern, my wood and a good finish are all greatly praised and, this makes me feel so elated and I wonder if any other table could have this luck.

In this large family, for the whole day I have some company. Even when I am not being used for a meal, I can hear sounds in the kitchen, I can hear conversation from any room and have the company of the cook cooking and the other servants working in the house. I have a lot of fun when my mistress gives instructions to the children or the servants, or scolds any one of them. I thus do not get even a moment of boredom but, the best and most enjoyable time is when the family comes to me for their meals. Among meals also, the most enjoyable is dinner time. This is because, at dinner the whole family is simply bound to be together while at other times, each member has a different time for a meal. Dinner time every night is the gala time for me. Each member of the family exchanges notes of what each did for the whole day. I find their discussions very interesting though I do not understand very much of all they say.

Together with all the fun I have, there are times which embarrass me. At times the youngest child who is just four years old, drops some burning hot food on my body. I get such a burning sensation then but, soon the servant is called and he cleans me up with some cold water. My burn is cooled down and then I feel comfortable once again. On my beautiful smooth body at times the same child puts scratches with a pen or a pencil or even with a knife’s edge. These bouts of pain are painful and even annoying but, I cannot do a thing about it all. This has to be a part of my life.

Inspite of drawbacks of my life, I still feel that on the whole, life is just wonderful. I am beautiful, I get company, I am never lonely and I am of great utility to my family. What more can one of clan ask for? Yet with all this, it sometimes worries me when I think as to how long I will have this comfortable life. I say this because I have often heard people say that, these days, they get tired of old things and very often want change. So, it seems that, as soon as my master or any member of the family gets tired of my presence in the house and wants a change, they will usher me out of this house, and I will be disposed off somehow. God knows when that unhappy moment may come. I pray to God that I stay in the midst of this loving and caring family for as long as possible.

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