Essay on “A Cup of Tea” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Cup of Tea

I am a cup of tea just made by the mistress of this household, Mrs. Lal. I understand that I am made to this shape with a standard and balanced combination of water, milk and of course tea leaves. I learnt this as, I just heard Mrs. Lal telling her daughter how I am made. Even if she has not learnt the lesson, I have at least understood how, I have been made. As per her instructions to her daughter, at first water is put on the fire. How much water, depends on the number of cups to be made. When the water gets to a boil, tea leaves are put in the water. When I get the colour the maker wants me to be of, I am sieved and the decoction is put in a kettle. Milk is also boiled separately and put in a milk jug. Sugar is kept separate in a pot as, all people take different amounts of sugar. Now, when I have to be served, the decoction is put in the cup, then milk to taste is poured and then sugar to taste. After these three are put together, a cup of tea, like me is made.

Once I am ready I am now in full form and ready to be served. I being one of the cups of tea put on the table, my mind is now taking flights. I do wonder who will consume me. My life is of course very, very short. I will soon be served to one person, and, he/ she will enjoy me for a few moments, drink me up to the end, and that will be the end of my very short life.

As I wait sitting on the table, I look around and see all those who are sitting, and nicely make my choice of the consumer. I certainly want to be consumed by someone who really likes me. My praise is just what I want to hear and that is of course only possible if I am made of the taste my consumer wants.

Here, on the table as I sit anxiously I see a few ladies sitting around the table whom, I hear have been invited by Mrs. Lal for a party. I look around and my eyes stop at a beautiful young lady sitting at the far end of the table. Now, my choice of consumer is promptly made, and-I have to wait and watch my fate. I would of course like the young girl to take me. I have already started imagining the soft touch of her lips as she will take me. I am lost in my thoughts and have started praying as, I do not know who will I be offered to finally. The suspense did not last very long. My mistress started offering cups. to all those sitting and, my heart missed a beat when she just reached the young girl whom I had wanted to take me. However, my wish was not to be granted as, when my mistress offered me to the girl, she said that she does not take tea. I felt all out and absolutely depressed. Now, I would not know who else would take me. Just then, there was a knock at the door of the room and, a very very cute old lady entered the room and joined the rest. Since I was the only cup left, I was offered to this new comer, the old lady. She was so cute that I enjoyed my short sojourn with her. What I like most about her was that, she consumed me in very small sips although enjoying my taste to the full. With every sip she continued to praise me and my taste. She said that I have a wonderful flavour, and a beautiful blend of colour and flavour and thickness. On hearing these words of praise for me I was thrilled and felt as though I was on the top of the world. Though my life would soon come to an end but, I had been successful in my mission and that is what everyone wants. Every sentence of praise, given to me and my looks and taste encouraged me but, the thought that this would very soon come to an end, made me a little depressed. This was because, I could see my end coming nearer and nearer. Aha! that is the last sip and so, that is the end of my short life. The old lady now put the cup away and I got lost into oblivion.

My life and the life of my clan that is all cups of tea, is very short, about just ten to fifteen minutes from being made to being consumed to a finish. What can anyone see and understand about the world in such a short life as mine. Anyhow, even though my life span is very short, it is enjoyable. My life though short, is very exciting. What makes me feel wonderful is that, I hear that I am a food item which is believed to be of great value to the health of human beings. Who does not want to be of utility? This thought of being useful to man makes me feel proud of myself and I do hope, I and my other friends continue to serve humanity in the small and insignificant way, for all time to come.

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