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A Crowded Bus

Essay No. 01

Travelling by bus is a necessity for a big number of people in big cities like Delhi. Either you are not able to afford for your own vehicle, not even two wheeler or you cannot drive. Then there is no alternative. You cannot avoid travelling by bus. You are fortunate if you get a seat in a bus or not an overcrowded bus. Usually it is not so. Buses get crowded sooner or later. If you are going a long distance, then the problem is severe.

The office or factory goers have to travel on peak hours. So they have to suffer the rush. They cannot wait for a comfortable bus. They board somehow and enter inside the passengers. The elbow crossing and foot munching is a common feature. Whenever the bus comes to a halt there is a shock, as a passenger or two try reaching the exit door by pushing himself out. Everyone tries to have a puff of air from the open window. There is usual bickering among the passengers. The females suffer most. They usually avoid travel during peak hours by passenger buses.

There are incidents of pick-pocketing also seen in crowded buses. The pick-pockets stealthily slip away through the crowd along with one or two purses or even the chains of the female passengers. Being experts in their trade they usually come down at the next stop quite safely and the affected ones beat their breasts in vain. It is once a while that some of them are caught red-handed and a big scene is created. People beat them black and blue and hand them over to the police.

In short, the travelling by bus is a horrible experience and one is relieved only when he reaches his destination, but it is unavoidable for the lower class of society who do not have any other alternative to cover distances.


Essay No. 02


A Crowded Bus

Travelling in a crowded bus is an experience in itself. One is sandwiched among people from all sides. During winter it may produce a warming effect but during summer, it is suffocating with the body sweating. In a place like Delhi, where the conductor continues to occupy his seat and does not move into the crowd to give tickets, the experience of a commuter in the crowded bus is quite bitter: Being his duty to buy the ticket, it takes him long to reach the conductor. It is a common experience to lose the buttons of your shirt or to get your spectacles broker, or even to have your pocket picked. A crowded bus is a boon to the pick-pockets. If possible, one should avoid travel in a crowded bus. It causes enormous discomfort for ladies, children, the old and the infirm.

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