Essay on “A Bus Journey” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Bus Journey

Essay # 1

Journeys are fun, especially as nowadays there are so many ways to travel. To me, a bus journey provides the greatest fun.

You have to sit beside a passenger on a seat. As the bus is ready to leave, the driver blows his horn, indicating to the passengers to hurry up and get into the bus. Once everyone is seated, the bus begins to move.

Within seconds it gathers speed, and everything starts zooming past. Trees, people, shops, bazaars, animals—you have one glimpse of them, and off they disappear! One moment you are nearing a lake, and eagerly watching some people row, but soon you have left them far behind.

It is time for the tickets to be checked, and the conductor punches and checks all the tickets making sure that the passengers are sitting on their allotted seats only.

Deluxe buses are slightly expensive but have better comforts than other buses. Some video coaches show a film while travelling. There are all sorts of people who make up the world; some find travelling in a bus the best way to catch up on lost sleep. Lifelong friends have been made on these journeys, business deals have been discussed, and contacts have been cultivated—all on bus journeys. So don’t you agree with me that a bus journey-especially if it’s a long-distance one, can be great fun.


A Journey by Bus

Essay # 2

It was a wintry morning. My parents and I boarded a bus at New Delhi. We wanted to attend a relative’s wedding at Chandigarh.

As we could not get all the seat side by side, we were sitting separately. The bus started at 10 o’clock.

After some time, I looked out of the bus. It had picked up speed. There was no stir in the air. The sun’s rays covered everything with brightness. As the bus passed different places, different scenes presented themselves to the eye. The sunlit ponds of water, the fields of yellow mustard, and the long stretches of tall and thick sugarcane were beautiful to look at.

As I was absorbed in these scenes, my attention was drawn by the passenger sitting next to me. He was just my age and wanted to borrow the magazine lying in my lap. I obliged him.

It was 12.15 p.m. We had reached Karnal, where the bus had to stop for about twenty minutes. I was feeling a bit hungry. Perhaps my parents guessed it. They bought a few oranges and bananas and shared them with me.

As some seats fell vacant here, we could sit together. We began to talk about family affairs. But after some time, I felt sleepy and soon fell asleep. It was at Ambala that my parents woke me up. There stood before me the boy who wanted to return my magazine. He had reached his destination.

The bus now moved out of Ambala. Nothing particular happened during the rest of the journey. We reached Chandigarh at 3.10 p.m. and were received by some relatives.

The journey was very pleasant. There were so many things which made it so. Among them were the fine weather, the courtesy of the conductor, and the careful driving by the driver.

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