English Story, Essay on “Good may come out of evil” for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Students.

Good Out of Evil

Once a king lost an arm in an accident. Feeling miserable, he began to grumble against his fate. But his minister, a very wise man, tried to console him, saying Your Majesty, some good may come out of this evil.” Instead of being consoled, the king got annoyed with the minister and turned him out of his service. One day it so happened that the king lost his way while passing through a forest. Some wild men caught hold of him. They were in search of a person whom they could offer as a sacrifice to their gods. However, when they took him to the temple, the priest looked at the king and said, “This man is useless. He can’t be offered as a sacrifice because he has lost one of his limbs.”

Thus the king was set free, to his great relief. He came back home, called his minister, and took him back in his service. The king had realized the truth of the minister’s words.

Moral: Good may come out of evil.

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