English Short Story “Two Cats and the Monkey” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

Two Cats and the Monkey

Once there were two cats. They were good friends. One day they found a big piece of cheese. They were very happy and each of them being very hungry wanted to get a bigger share of it. Thus there was a quarrel between them. The matter could not be settled between them. The noise invited the attention of many including a monkey. The monkey very humbly chose to be their negotiator to which both of the cats agreed. A good weighing scale arranged and the monkey cut the cheese into two and put each of them in the scales. One of them was heavier, so the monkey took a deep bite out of it and now the other side became heavier. The monkey took a bite of the other piece of cheese and now the first side became heavy. Both the cats looked attentively but could not utter even a word. The process continued. The monkey was munching the two prices of cheese one by one, in the name of justice. At last only a bit of cheese was left on one side of the scale and the cats begged the monkey to give them the small piece just to see the taste. But the cruel monkey did not listen to them and said, “The piece will be the wages of my labor to serve as your negotiator.” Thus the monkey devoured the last piece and the two cats had to go away meekly.

They now understood it was all the result of the quarrel which they started on getting the cheese. If they had settled the affair among themselves they didn’t need a negotiator or a judge. The result of going to law or a negotiator is never good.

Moral: Litigation is a curse.


Going to law never pays.

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