English Short Story “A Camel and a Jackal” for School, College Students, Moral Story for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, Class 12, College Exams.

A Camel and a Jackal

Once there was a camel. There was also a jackal. They were good friends. They lived near a forest. A big river also flowed nearby.

One day the jackal came to know that there was a field of ripe melons across the river. His mouth watered. But what could he do with the flowing water of the river? How could he cross? He was afraid of the fast flowing water. So he reached to his friend and told him about his plan of eating melons. The camel was also tempted to eat melons and so he carried the jackal on his back to swim across the river both of them reached the field and started eating melons. Now the jackal filled his stomach in a short time and could not eat more. He started howling loudly just for the fun of it least caring for the camel to fill his large belly. His howling attracted the farmer the owner of the field. He came running with a big lathi and started beating the camel black and blue. The jackal hid himself safely under a bush.

After some time when the farmer went away, the camel asked his friend jackal why he howled so hard to invite the attention of the farmer. To this the cunning jackal replied, “It is my habit, friend, to howl after a hearty meal.” The camel was silent but thought deeply about teaching his friend a lesson.

Now both of them returned to the river. The jackal jumped on the back of the camel. When they were in the middle of the current of water, the camel began to roll in water. The jackal was nearing his death. He said to the camel, “Why are you rolling in water? You see I am dying.” The camel replied, “It is my habit to roll in water after a hearty meal.” Thus the jackal’s cunning was answered properly. He could save himself with difficulty by dragging himself to the bank.

Moral : Tit for fat.

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