English Short Moral Story “Think twice before you do anything” for School Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Think twice before you do anything


A youth had recently joined the police. One day, he was on patrol with a senior police official. Just then a message came on the wireless that some unidentified men are loitering around. The youth said to the inspector, “Sir, let me handle this situation.” The youth drove the jeep fast and reached the road. There he saw some people standing. He shouted, “Why are you standing here? Go away from here.” The people standing there could not understand why the policeman said that. But they went away from there. The youth then turned to his senior and asked him, “Sir, how did I deal with the situation?” “You did well,” said an amused inspector and then added, “specially, because you succeeded in sending the people away from a bus stop.”

Moral: Think twice before you do anything.

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