English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The beauty of trees” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

The beauty of trees

There are many kinds of trees, and different kinds grow in different countries and climates. In cold countries, like England, there is the stately oak, the graceful birch, the beautiful beach, the grand elm, the chestnut, the sycamore, the ash, the willow, the fir, and many more; not to speak of the fruit trees, such as the apple, the pear, and the plum, grown in orchards. In a hot country, like India, quite different trees are found, that will not grow in cold countries such as the mango, the pipal, the amaltash, the neem, the champak, the cotton-tree, the banyan, and hundreds more; though as you ascend the slopes of the Himalayas, you find at last on the cooler heights all the trees of cold countries too-oaks and pines and firs.

The uses of trees to men are many. First, there are timber trees that supply them with wood for various purposes. The wood of the oak, the teak, the walnut, the Sheesham, and the mahogany tree (in the tropics), is very hard and takes a beautiful polish. So such wood is used for making beautiful furniture. The old battle-ships of England were made of oak, and so were often called “Hearts of Oak”. The softer and cheaper wood of pines and firs and deodars, is used for scaffolding, cheap wooden cases, floors of rooms, and many other useful things. Most of the paper of the world is made out of wood-pulp from these trees.

Many trees are valued and grown for their fruits. In cold countries the chief is apples, pears, plums, and cherries, in warm climates, there are the orange, lemon, and citron, the mango, leeches, peach and apricot, and many more. Men have for centuries cultivated such trees, greatly improved their fruit, and made of each many kinds.

Other trees are famous for their beautiful flowers, many of which are sweetly scented. Most of the fruit trees have pretty flowers like the apple and the peach. The champak, neem, and orange blossoms are noted for their perfumes. The Flame of Forest’s scarlet blooms, the long golden drooping spikes of the amaltash, and the pink and white flowers of the chestnut, are a joy to behold.

Trees have a great effect upon the climate for by cooling the air they attract rain. So a forest country gets plenty of rain and a treeless country is often a desert.

Trees too, add greatly to the beauty of the earth. A land without trees is bare and dreary, but a country covered with trees is always beautiful.

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