English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on Monument “St. Paul’s Cathedral” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in Kolkata. It was completed between 1839 and 1847. It stands just east of Victoria Memorial at the southern end of the Maidan.

It is the first Church of England cathedral to be built in the British Empire. It was designed by Major Forbes. It is a wonderful example of Indo-Gothic architecture. It is a tall building with rows of fans hanging from a wooden ceiling, stalls and pews of heavy wood and a stained-glass window by Burne-Jones. On the walls are the commemorative slabs of the British killed in the Mutiny and those officers who lost their lives in various wars.

It is the original metropolitan church of the British India. Its Gothic tower was designed to replace the earlier steeples which were destroyed by earthquakes. Similarly, the original stained glass East Window was destroyed by a cyclone in 1964 and was replaced by the present one.

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