English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Maharaja’s Palace” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Maharaja’s Palace

Mysore, the erstwhile capital of the former princely state of Mysore, possessed well-maintained historic buildings. One of the finest buildings of the city is the Maharaja’s Palace.

It was built in 1897, at a cost of Rupees. 4.2 million. The palace is an attraction on Sunday nights or during the festive season of Dusshera, mainly because of its lightning arrangement. One of the largest palaces in the country, it has been beautifully restored and maintained. The stained glass, wall paintings, ivory-inlaid doors and the ornate golden throne (now displayed only during Dussehra) are all remarkable.

The palace was designed by the prolific Henry Irwin in typical Indo- Saracenic style with sprouting turrets, arches and columns at every opportunity. The central part of the palace, which is octagonal in shape, is decorated with colourful tiles and stained glass. The walls are replete with paintings describing numerous festivals of Mysore.

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