English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Golden Lotus Tank” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Golden Lotus Tank

The main entrance is through a small door of the Ashta Sakthi Mandapam (Porch of the eight goddesses) which projects from the well, south of the eastern gopuram. Inside, to the left, is the sacred Tank of the Golden Lotus. It is rectangular in shape. In the middle is a tall brass lamp column. The tank is surrounded by pillared cloisters and steps down to the water. The walls are decorated with painted murals depicting the various exploits of Shiva.

The ceiling of the colonnade is richly decorated with huge circular floral medallions. Due to the recent renovation, the temple has assumed a garish appearance. Yet standing near the tank one gets one of the nicest views of the temple from within. When this temple was completed, a grand ceremony was conducted by Chola King Rajaraja.

To the west of the Tank is Onjal Mandapa, the pavillion leading to the Meenakshi shrine. Here the pillars are carved in the form of the mythical beast Vali which recurs in temples throughout the region.

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