English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Kite-flying down” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

Kite-flying down

A Kite is a toy, made of a light frame of bamboo, covered with paper. The frame is made of two thin strips, one long and the other short, fastened together in the shape of a cross, with two more strips joining the ends of the cross-piece with the lower end of the long centerpiece, and a curved piece of bamboo strip joining the two ends of the cross-piece with the top end of the centerpiece. So the shape is a triangle with a curved base. Over this frame is stretched thin but strong paper, generally coloured red, or blue, or yellow, or green. A long string is then fastened near the middle of the long center stick of the frame, and the kite is ready for flying

For flying a kite, a good wind is necessary. To start the kite, one boy takes it and walks some distance, while the boy who is to fly the kite stands still, holding the long string. The boy with the kite then throws it up into the air, the curved end upwards, and the wind catches it and blows it before it. The kite flier then pulls his string to check and steady the kite, and the kite rises higher and higher in the air; and as the boy lets more and more string out, the kite flies on with the wind. The kite-flier can control its flying by pulling in or letting out the string.

Kite-flying is a favourite amusement in Japan, China, and India. Boys and men in all these countries hold kite-flying contests or tournaments. In India, these kite games are played specially at Basant. The game of each kite-flier is to cut the strings of the kites of the others with the string of his own kite, by making his kite fly across theirs, and then pulling his string quickly back and fore till the other’s string is worn through. When a kite, thus defeated, falls, all the people watching, race to catch it. It takes a good deal of skill to manage a kite properly, and the contests are very interesting to watch.

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