English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Bad Language” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

Bad Language

Bad language is used habitually by many poor people of the lower classes. They grew up as boys in low company, and naturally learnt the bad words and the profane oath they heard. Such people are to be pitied rather than blamed for using bad language. They know no better, and often do not even know the meaning of the bad words they use. They often say dreadful things, but this does not mean they are angry, or irreverent. It is simply their ignorant way of talking. All the same, such talk is very objectionable; and we should always try to teach these ignorant people to drop the use of such ways of speaking.

But often educated people, who should know better, use bad language. Some of these, especially very young men, do this because they think it sounds grand and manly to use oaths and vulgar words in their speech. In thinking so they simply show that they are silly, conceited fellows; and wise men laugh at them as fools.

Others use bad words to express their irritation and bad temper. They have no self-control and get angry at the slightest thing. And when this happens, they ease their feelings by abusing everyone and calling them bad names. If such men knew how others despised them for their lack of self-restraint and condemned them for using foul language then they should know better, they might try to cure this bad habit.

In other cases, the use of dirty words is the proof of a dirty mind. Those who like bad language because their thoughts are bad people. Nothing will cure such men of their bad habits but a change of mind. A good man rebuked one such man, who was using foul language, by silently offering him a glass of clear water-to washes his mouth out!

Finally, we must remember that it is a mark of a real gentleman never to use bad language. A gentleman is one who tries to consider other people’s feelings, and so his speech is always polite and his words well-chosen.

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