English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Day at Your School” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

A Day at Your School

I live in the school hostel, in a room with three boys. In summer we get up very early, about five o’clock because school begins at half-past six; in winter, when school starts at nine o’clock, we get up about half-past seven. The first thing we do when we have washed and dressed is to have tea and biscuits in the dining room. Then we have a look at our lessons for the day. Some boys get up much earlier, before it is light, and do their lessons in the early morning; but in our room, we do them mostly at night.

When the school bell rings, we all march off to school; and we are in our classes till one o’clock. I am in the 9th class, and in the first period, we have a history lesson. In the next period, we go to the mathematics master; then in the third period, the Headmaster takes our class in English. Then comes geography, followed by other subjects.

At one o’clock the bell rings, and we scamper out of school and rush off to the hostel for our meal. By this time we are very hungry, and we crowd into the dining hall and soon get to work on the food served out to us. In our hostel, it is generally pretty good but we grumble a lot some days when the food is badly cooked. We soon finish our meal, and then run out into the playground, and run about and play all sorts of games.

But at two o’clock, the horrid bell rings again, and we go sadly back to our classes. In the afternoon we have drawing, and science, and other things, and we work away until the last bell rings at four o’clock.

Then hurrah! for games. I am on the football team, and we generally have either a match or practice every evening. I like this much better than dry lessons, and we get some grand games. Others play hockey; some go for walks or amuse themselves with Indian games. A few start studying their books, but I think they are stupid fellows.

We get our evening meal about seven o’clock, and after that, the hostel gates are locked. The Superintendent comes round and calls the roll, and we settle down to do our homework. By the time we go to bed we are pretty tired, and soon fall asleep.

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