English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Big Railway Station” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 CBSE, ICSE Board Examination

A Big Railway Station

I live in a small town, which is on the railway; and we are rather proud of our railway station. It has a platform on both sides of the line, and even the mail trains stop here. I used to think it was a very fine station until my father took me with him once on a business journey to a big town a hundred miles away. Since I saw the railway station of that town, I no longer feel very proud of ours.

We arrived at the big station at night-about 10 o’clock; and, as I was very tired, I did not see much of it. But I remember what a noise there was when we got out on the Platform-people shouting, engines whistling, trucks being shunted, and trains coming in and going out. The platform was crowded with hundreds of people, and we had quite a fight to get through. And then we went up steps, and crossed bridges, and walked along with other platforms until I thought we should never get out. I was so confused that I could not give any description of the station that night.

But two days after, when we had to return, I saw the station in daylight; and as we had to wait sometime for our train, I was able to look about and see what the station was like. As we drove up to it, I saw it was a very large building that looked like a castle. When we got to the main entrance and left our tonga, we found ourselves in a very large hall, on each side of which were big-ticket offices, parcel offices, and other rooms. When my father had got the tickets, we went up a long flight of broad steps and found ourselves on a great bridge which crossed the whole breadth of the station. I counted six platforms below us as we walked across. On every platform were book stalls, waiting rooms, refreshment rooms, and offices; and between every two platforms ran a double line of rails. So it was like six of our stations in one. Over the whole was a huge, high glass roof.

As I watched from the bridge, trains came in, went out, or passed through; and on every platform crowds of people were waiting and getting into or getting out of the trains.

It seemed a huge place: and my vet father told me it was nothing when compared to the stations in Howrah and Mumbai.

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