English Essay, Paragraph on “House Cleaning Day” Essay in 200 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

House Cleaning Day

Chinese New Year was round the corner. Ling Ling and her family were busy at work. They were cleaning up the house and clearing away some old stuff. This was their annual spring cleaning.

Ling Ling’s mother mopped the floor, together with the help of Ling Ling’s brother, Alan. Alan was shocked at the amount of dust and cobwebs. That was when Ling Ling’s mother said that if they cleaned up more regularly, the spring cleaning would be less tedious.

Ling Ling was in charge of wiping all the furniture. She was tired after wiping and dusting all the furniture in the living room. When her father said that she had two more bedrooms and one kitchen to go, Ling Ling gave a great sigh! Everyone laughed.

By evening, everything was done and the house was spick and span. Having thrown away old stuff, the house looked newer too. Ling Ling, though tired, was pleased to see the fruits of their labour.

As everyone was tired, Ling Ling’s father said that they would have dinner outside and at their favourite Japanese restaurant! Everyone cheered, especially Ling Ling’s mother as she was definitely too tired to cook.

In a few minutes, they were on their way to the restaurant. They had a great time eating and talking. Ling Ling enjoyed these times as she got to interact with her family members.

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