English Essay, Paragraph on “Helping Mother at the Market” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Helping Mother at the Market

It was a Sunday. Patrick had just woken up. He washed up and went to the living room to have his breakfast. His mother was there but there was no breakfast on the table. His mother then told him that she was taking him to the market.

Patrick was not very happy with the idea of going to the market. To him, it was a dirty place and it was very crowded. He asked if he could stay at home to watch television programmes but his mother shook her head. She smiled and told him it would be a good experience. Patrick had no choice but to follow.

When they arrived at the market, it was indeed crowded. Patrick could hear the hawkers shouting loudly, asking people to go to their stalls. His mother took him to the butcher and she bought some meat there before going to the fishmonger to buy some fish. She also bought vegetables from the greengrocer. Patrick helped his mother to carry her bags of groceries. Some of the neighbours saw that and praised him. Patrick felt pleased and he began to enjoy the trip to the market.

After all the walking, Patrick was tired and hungry. He asked his mother if it was time to go to the hawker centre nearby to have breakfast. His mother nodded her head.

At the hawker centre, they found a seat and Patrick’s mother ordered some food. They sat down to enjoy their breakfast. Patrick thanked his mother for taking him to the market. He said that he enjoyed the experience and would like to visit the market again. His mother smiled and told him that it was important to come out more often as he would learn many things that might not be found in textbooks or television programmes.

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