English Essay, Paragraph on “Anger Control” Essay in 300 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Anger Control

Leon and lan were on their way home. They were discussing about the project which they had to work on They realised that there were much more information needed for their project so Leon suggested that they go to the library to search for more information.

lan agreed and then he remembered that he had some books which were going to be overdue. He told Leon that he needed to call his maid so that she could bring the books to him. He saw a public phone nearby so he decided to call his maid then.

He inserted the coin and dialed his house number. It rang for a while then the line was cut. He tried again and the same thing happened. He began to hit the phone a few times and tried again. There was no more dialing tone by the time he tried again.

Filled with anger, he began to bang on the phone continuously. Leon was taken aback by his friend’s hostile behaviour. He told lan to try another public phone but lan just kept hitting the phone.

“Hey, boy, stop it!” A voice boomed. lan and Leon turned and saw a police officer walking towards them. He was on foot patrol and had caught lan in his act. He walked up to them and talked to lan.

lan was very ashamed of himself and his lack of self-control. He apologised to the police officer and promised that he would not do it again. The police officer smiled and offered to lend lan his mobile phone. lan thanked him and called his maid and instructed her to bring his books to the library.

When the police officer left, lan apologised to Leon for being so aggressive. Leon told him that it was alright.

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