English Essay, Paragraph on “A Thoughtful Act” Essay in 300 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Thoughtful Act

“Wendy, I am going out to the market now,” Wendy’s mother said as she left the house. Wendy helped to lock the door and then went to do her homework.

Halfway through, she looked up and saw that the sky had become overcast. She knew it would rain any minute. Indeed, the next minute, the rain came pelting down. Wendy thought for a while. She was trying to recall if her mother had brought along an umbrella. After much thought, she realised her mother had left home without the umbrella.

With the heavy rain, her mother would not be able to come home. Wendy decided that she would take the umbrella to her mother. She put on her raincoat and then armed with an umbrella, she left the house.

The rain was very heavy. It came down in wind-driven sheets and the cold wind seemed to penetrate into Wendy’s bones. Wendy shivered and then moved on in the direction of the market.

When she reached the market, it was rather packed as many of the people were stuck there, with no umbrellas with them. Wendy looked around from stall to stall. She went to her mother’s favourite stalls and finally found her chatting with the greengrocer.

Her mother was surprised to see her at the market. Wendy told her that she had come because she remembered that her mother had forgotten to bring her umbrella. Her mother smiled and thanked her for being so thoughtful. Wendy was very happy that she had done something good. After that, she helped her mother carry her bags of groceries and then they headed home.

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