English Essay, Paragraph on “A Scene at the School Canteen” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Scene at the School Canteen

“Ring!” the bell for recess rang and all the pupils got ready to go to the canteen for their break. Jane and her friend, Paul, went to the canteen to buy some food.

At the canteen, they queued up at their favourite noodle stall and purchased their food. Then they looked for a table to sit at and soon they were tucking into the delicious noodles.

After eating, they had to start patrolling around the canteen as they were prefects. They had to check that everyone returned their cutlery. They also had to ensure that no one cut queue.

While they were walking about, they saw a boy who had just finished eating standing up. He was still munching his last bite when he stood up and walked off. Paul immediately ran up to him and asked him to return his cutlery. The boy stared at Paul for a while before walking away.

Paul was shocked. He shouted to the boy to stop and this time, the boy asked him if he wanted to fight. Jane knew that this boy had to be a bully. She ran to the General Office to call for help.

Over at the General Office, she saw the discipline mistress and immediately told her what had happened, The discipline mistress went to the canteen with Jane and saw that the boy was about to punch Paul,

The discipline mistress managed to stop the boy and when she found out from Jane what had happened, she scolded the boy for his rude behaviour. She also told him that he was being selfish when he did not return his cutlery. She added that it was everyone’s duty to make the school a clean place to go to.

The boy realised his mistake and apologised to Paul before returning his cutlery.

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