English Essay, Paragraph on “A Scene at the Playground” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Scene at the Playground

Julia and her two sisters were at the playground with their cousin who had come to visit. It was the year-end school holiday and the children were very bored.

The playground was quite crowded as many children were there to play. The four children went to play on the slide before going to the swing section. Julia’s sisters, June and Jane asked their cousin to have a competition to see who can swing the highest. Their cousin agreed. Being a more adventurous girl, their cousin stood on the swing and began to swing vigorously.

June and Jane laughed loudly and they too began to swing as high as they could. Julia who was supposed to be judging became worried when she saw that her cousin was swinging very high.

“Kelly, be careful! You should be seated!” Julia shouted but her cousin did not listen. The next moment, her cousin lost her balance and grip and fell off the swing. The three girls screamed when they saw their cousin falling and landing on the ground.

Kelly cried out in pain. Fortunately, the playground was made of some softer material so Kelly did not sustain any serious injuries. Feeling insecure, Julia told Kelly that she would have to send her to the clinic so that the doctor can examine her and give her a thorough check.

At the clinic, the doctor checked Kelly’s arms and legs and found no signs of fracture. He told Kelly to be careful the next time. Kelly nodded her head and kept quiet. She was still a little shaken.

The four of them then headed home. Back at home, Kelly apologized for giving them a scare.

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