English Essay, Paragraph on “A Pet Dog” Essay in 250 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Pet Dog

Keith and Karen were very happy. Their father had bought them a pet dog. The two of them had wanted a dog for a long time and they were elated when their father finally agreed.

Their father also bought a tub for the puppy to bathe in, some shampoo, and soap. He also bought a leash, a kennel, a few packets of dog biscuits, and a few cans of dog food.

When their father returned home with the puppy, everyone went to receive him at the door. The puppy was an active dog. It started running to and fro the house, making everyone laugh. And due to his speed, the family decided to call him ‘Speed’.

Keith’s father suggested that they bathe the puppy as it had just returned from the pet shop and he was not sure if the puppy was clean. Everyone helped out.

Karen took a towel while Keith helped his father fill the tub with water. In no time, they were washing the puppy. Speed was excited and he looked pleased to be having a bath. Keith’s mother prepared some milk for the puppy to drink.

After the shower, Speed ate some dog biscuits and drank the milk. Keith began playing with Speed after that. Speed was really a fast and alert dog. Keith and Karen were tired from all the running.

When Speed finally settled to rest, the entire family sat down to take a rest. They also took time to search the internet and read more about dogs. Keith’s father had also bought some books from the pet shop on dogs.

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