English Essay, Paragraph on “A Lost Watch” Essay in 300 words for class 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Lost Watch

Peter was on his way to school. He wanted to show his friends the new ‘Ben 10’ watch that hic parents had bought for him. When his friends saw him new watch, they were envious. They asked him many questions and Leonard, his good friend, even asked if he could try wearing it. Peter agreed and soon, a few other boys also wanted to try wearing the watch. Peter was pleased that everyone loved his watch.

It was recess time so Peter hurriedly took back his watch and put it on. During recess, Peter played catching with his friends in the field. He was running all over the field, having a whale of a time. Towards the end of recess, he realised that his watch was missing. He became worried. He thought that maybe one of his friends had not returned him his watch after trying it on but Leonard reminded him that he had seen Peter putting on the watch when they were going for recess. Leonard said that he had probably lost it while running in the field. So, Peter and Leonard looked around and got some of their friends to help in the search.

Their classmates looked around but they could not find it. Peter was very sad. He wanted to continue searching but when the bell rang, all of them had to go to the hall to assemble. Peter was worried and disappointed. He was worried that his parents would scold him and he was disappointed that he had lost his favourite watch which was so new!

In the hall, the teacher on duty held up a watch and asked who it belonged to. Peter recognised the watch. It was his! He ran up to the teacher and said that it was his. When the teacher returned it to him, he was relieved. He reminded himself to put it on and make sure it was properly locked.

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