English Essay, Paragraph on “A Drawing Competition” Essay in 250 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A Drawing Competition

“Pupils, we will be taking part in the Drawing Competition organised by the Sunrise Community Centre next week,” Mr. Tan, Kenneth’s Art teacher, said.

The pupils cheered upon hearing that. They loved taking part in competitions. Kenneth asked Mr. Tan where the competition would be held. Mr. Tan said that it would be at the main park in their neighbourhood. Kenneth loved that place, it had a huge lake and the scenery was fantastic. He looked forward to it.

A week later, Kenneth and his classmates, accompanied by Mr. Tan, were on their way to the park. Kenneth had packed all his drawing materials and he also brought along some light snacks in case he was hungry.

When they reached the park, they were asked to sit at different spots, and at nine o’clock, they began drawing. Kenneth chose to draw the lake which he thought was a beautiful sight. He concentrated on his artwork.

Two hours later, the organisers announced the end of the competition. Kenneth managed to complete his artwork and he submitted his work to the judges. They had to wait for an hour before the results were announced so Kenneth and his friends walked around the park.

Just before the results were announced, everyone gathered near the stage to await the results. Kenneth was very excited. He knew he would not be able to come in top three but he hoped he could get at least a consolation prize.

When the results were announced, Kenneth came in third! He was extremely elated. He jumped for joy and all his classmates congratulated him. He was very proud of himself.

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