English Essay on “The Snake Charmer” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Snake Charmer

Essay No. 01

The snake charmer puts snakes in baskets. He slings the baskets on his shoulders. He goes about from place to place and street to street.

The snake charmer puts down his basket wherever he sees some people. He begins to play sweet tunes on his Vina. He is very clever in his art.

He draws a circle and asks small children to sit round it on the ground. Then he uncovers the basket with a black cobra. The cobra raises his head (hood) when he plays upon his pipe.

It begins to hiss and dashes at the snake charmer. It also begins to dance to the tune. The people enjoy the cobra’s dance.

Then the snake charmer shows many other snakes. Then he spreads a dirty cloth on the ground. The spectators throw coins on it.

Essay No. 02

A Snake Charmer

The snake charmers are very common in India. They wander from one place to another and show their snake performance.

A snake charmer is a very poor fellow who lives from hand to mouth. He wears dirty old clothes and carries a straw basket which has snakes inside it.

Carrying his basket he goes from street to street and earns whatever little he can from his show. At times he can also be seen outside temples especially on Mondays, as it is the day of Lord Shiva who has a snake around his neck. “Nag Panchami’, is the festival during which they make good money by their snake shows.

More often than not children like to see snake show. So the charmer plays a tune on his flute and as he removes the lid of the basket the snake raises its hood and tries to sting and seeing this the children are amused as well as scared.

At times the show becomes more interesting when the charmer shows a fight between a mongoose and a snake. As soon as he lets loose the mongoose, it tries to kill the snake, and the sharp fight is worth watching.

After the show is over the snake charmer spreads a cloth on the ground and people drop money on it of their own wish, and then once again, he makes the snake dance to the tune of his flute.

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