English Essay on “Technical and Vocational Education” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Technical and Vocational Education—The Need of the Hour

Purely literary education is of little use today. It creates a dislike for manual labour. It discourages the application of the hands and the muscles. That is why literary education, does not fulfill the need of the day.

Technical education is the need of the hour. An ordinary graduate has no market value these days. The market is full of graduates and people do not want them. A graduate is not fit for anything but for clerical work in a petty office. He cuts a sorry figure if employed in business. Everybody does not become a clerk. They fall to the lot of the lucky ones only. It is, therefore, necessary that the graduates be given technical training along with literary education.

Technical education will infuse us with the dignity of labour. A man who receives literary education may despise manual work. Little can be achieved without manual work.

 Technical education will provide a training of the head and the hand. In a technical school, the students are required to use their hands and muscles to exercise their brains, and to observe with their eyes.

Vocational education will raise the working classes to a self-respect and dignity unknown among them. The time has come when the discoveries of science will be put into practical shape and the students will be taught to put into practice their knowledge.

Technical education if imparted on an extensive scale to the youth of-our country will not only make them self-sufficient but also raise the standard of living of our masses. It will solve, to a large extent, the problem of growing unemployment which our country is currently facing.

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