English Essay on “My Favorite Teacher” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

My Favourite Teacher

Essay # 1

Mr R.K. Joshi, a young man of thirty, is my favourite teacher. He is an M.A. B.Ed. Frankly speaking, he is not very impressive to look at. But he is an excellent teacher. Everybody thinks so.


Mr Joshi teaches English. He teaches so well that we eagerly wait for his period. There is never a dull moment in his class. We listen to him with rapt attention. However, Mr Joshi is not speaking all the time. He likes to put us questions, which sustain our interest in the lesson.

Mr Joshi is against cramming. He wants us to write our own English. So even if we make mistakes in our compositions, he does not discourage us. He corrects them patiently. He knows we are learning a foreign language, and a difficult one at that.

Besides teaching, Mr Joshi is interested in other activities of the school. He is the Chief Editor of our magazine and the President of the Young Writers’ Club. Whenever a cultural programme is held in the school, it is Mr Joshi who is at the mike.

Though not a very senior member of the staff, Mr Joshi is held in high esteem for his talent and painstaking habits. The whole school knows that there is a teacher with a difference. No wonder everyone adores him, and I, the most.



My Favorite Teacher

Essay # 2

I read in VI standard. I study in D.A.V. Public School. There are about 40 teachers in my school. They teach different subjects and different classes. They teach very well and love students. Students too obey and respect all the teachers. Ms. Rekha Gupta teaches us English. She has a very sweet temper. She is my favorite teacher.

She is about 3o years of age. She is of fair colour. She has been teaching in my school for the last five years.

She is a gentle lady. Her personality is very impressive. She loves me very much. I don’t want to miss her class, as she explains everything well.

Ms. Rekha’s motivation in teaching helped me to enjoy and do well in my class. She always teaches her students good manners and to be disciplined.

She has a keen interest in sports also. She takes us for outdoor picnics and educational tours. She makes her teaching interesting with the help of charts and maps. She is always ready to help her students. She is very kind to the weak and poor.

Ms. Rekha is an ideal teacher. She is always cheerful. She is very soft-spoken. But she is very strict in discipline. Her qualities have made her the most popular teacher in my school.

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