English Essay on My Family, English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

My Family

Essay No. 01

My family consists of my father, mother, elder brother, and myself. We all love each other very much, though you wouldn’t believe it if you saw us at home, especially when my brother and I have had a fight!

Father is always busy. Sometimes he goes to the office even on a Sunday. I know he is doing very well because I have heard people talking of him with respect. Once in a while he notices me and is then very affectionate. I love him a lot because I know that he is always there, even though it is only in the background. I don’t get angry any longer when he introduces me to his friends by my nickname and says that I am studying in Class Six, when I am actually in Class Seven.

Mother is warm, caring and impulsive, but not the world’s greatest cook. However, when she gets into the mood and goes on a cooking spree, we have a good time. I think she is frightfully clever because, apart from managing a career, she manages a home, a husband and the two of us. She is not always around, but I’ve got used to that by now and try not to let that bother me.

Then there is my brother. I seriously feel something should be done about brothers, specially elder ones. He teases me mercilessly and considers me a blot upon the surface of the earth. What is worse, he expects me to fetch things for him and does not allow me to use the telephone or listen to my favourite singer. And, of course, watching my favourite television programme is simply out of question.

As for myself, I am twelve years old, fond of reading but not very keen on studying. I don’t know what my family thinks of me, but I do know that despite all our differences we are crazy about one another, and put up a united and formidable front, specially in the face of unfortunate circumstances.


Essay No. 02


My Family

There are only four persons in my family. The family consists of my father, my mother, my younger sister and myself. My sister is younger to me by three years. We are the students of the same school. We go to school together and return together by the school bus. I am studying in class ninth and she is the student of class sixth. On return from the school, we play together. I have a pet dog. We call it Jonnie. We live in our own house in Hauz Khas. My father is working as Under Secretary in the Government of India. My mother is a housewife and looks after the household. She remains busy throughout the day. She helps me and my sister in completing our home work. We go out sometimes. My family is a happy family.


Essay No. 03

My family

There are six members in my family, including me. I have my grandparents, my parents, and an elder sister. We live in Serangoon in a five-room flat.

My grandparents are seventy years old and they are very fit and healthy. They go to the park to exercise every morning. Grandpa will jog while grandma will do her brisk walking. My father works as a computer engineer while my mother is a nurse. They are very busy with their work.

My elder sister is in Primary Three and I am in Primary One. We go to the same school. Every morning, we take the same bus to school together.

Over the weekends, we spend time together. We will go shopping at the nearby mall for groceries or sometimes we travel further out to shopping centers in town. We also go swimming or have picnics at the beach.

Next month, we will be going to Malaysia for a short holiday and I am looking forward to it!

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