English Essay on “Memories of Childhood” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Memories of Childhood

Essay No. 01

There are seven stages in a man’s life. One of these stages is childhood. It is regarded to be the best. It is in fact the golden period of a man’s life. A child is free from all cares and all worries of the world. I am the eldest child in my family. I enjoy the extra care and love of my parents and grandparents. All my relations are very fond of me. I cherish the memories of celebration of my birthdays. I used to get lovely presents from every one. There used to be a large gathering in the house. A big cake was cut and a nice get-together held. I also cherish memories of a journey by ship. I have found that the childhood is the most opportune period for development of attitudes towards life.


Essay No. 02


Memories of Childhood

The memories of childhood are significant in one’s life. These memories may either be sweet or bitter. When one grows up, the sweet a, id pleasant memories of childhood haunt him. He cherishes these memories and enjoys them. Childhood is regarded to be the best period of one’s life. In childhood, there are no anxieties and no worries. The charm of childhood can never be forgotten. It is the wish of many that such days may come back. One knows that it is only a wishful thinking. Childhood is a period of the past and cannot return. Time has its own wings. Once it flies, it cannot have a reverse direction. It only leaves pleasant memories.


Memories of Childhood

The childhood memories always play a very vital role in one’s life. Since childhood is the best period of a person’s life, one feels quite attached to it, even when one keeps growing up. The only things done in the childhood are eating, drinking and sleeping. The charm of childhood never dies as it leaves an everlasting impression on a person’s life.

I remember, my childhood when I was free from the burdens that grip my life today. One was free to spend one’s day in eating, enjoying and playing with toys and in the garden. It was a very pleasant period.

However I remember, I was a very naughty child and a particular incident is still fresh in my mind. At the age of four, I had got two stitches near my left eye as I fell from the bed. I still have those stitch marks near my eye.

Childhood memories still have not left my mind, as they were full of pleasure. Childhood is a phase in a person’s life that is free from all the bad influences of life.

Today at the age of forty when I go down the memory lane I see myself as a happy, carefree child enjoying each and every moment.


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