English Essay on “Look before You Leap” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Look before You Leap

Essay No. 01

It seems rather unnecessary to say that important steps should not be taken without careful consideration, but experience shows that such steps are often taken from caprice. or without serious thought.

It is not an infrequent thing for a young man to decide his. future on the toss of a coin., to make choice in this way between two professions, to decide whether he shall stay at home or emigrate, or whether he shall accept this or: that appointment. Most boys have to earn their living someday or other, and it is of vital importance that they should choose that type of work which they can do best. For those who have a decided bent, there is little or no difficulty, except that they should consult their parents and friends in order that they may know what kind of market there will be for their work. Others who evince no particular leaning should exercise greater care, in order that they may find out what they can do best, and what is, likely to be remunerative. Too often men find themselves burdened with a profession into which they cannot put their whole heart, or which, from overcrowding or other causes, will not bring them insufficient for a decent livelihood, and bitterly they repent the hastiness or carelessness of their youth.

“Look before you leap” is a maxim that can be applied in every sphere of life. The folly of the man who makes friends without observing their characteristics or enquiring into their past lives cannot be too strongly condemned. He that hastily and thoughtlessly accepts a plausible friend, only to find subsequently that he is unworthy of friendship, has only his own carelessness to blame. No one in business would think of lending money without security to a sharper he knew nothing about, and why should affection and trust be lavished on others without previous inquiry into their worthiness? Who with money to invest would buy a partnership in a business without inspecting the books, and making the, fullest investigation into the way in which the business was conducted, and its prospects of extension and profit?

The same principle applies to all departments of thought. How feeble must be the intelligence of the man who accepts ready-made opinions on politics, religion, or philosophy! Every patriot must feel that it is his duty to consider for himself without prejudice, what state policy he should support. The man who gathers his opinions from the daily press, without considering their truth or value, is an unworthy citizen and prostitutes the intellect that God has given him. There are two questions of absorbing interest to him, the rules by which this life should be lived and what is to happen after death. Those who jump to conclusions on these questions without thinking for themselves, without weighing the opinions of others, or testing the pieces of evidence upon which their religion is based, can plead no excuse for their errors. They are dangerous exponents of their policy religion if they are unable to give satisfactory reasons for their adoption.

Essay No. 02

Look Before You Leap

The proverb has a deep meaning which is always useful for a successful life. It conveys the idea that we should always think and then act accordingly. Impulsive actions may lead us to embarrassing and odd situations. As we should always think before we speak, in the same way we should think before we act. Life is full of various factors, the factors which can fascinate us for the moment but may lead us to failure or the factors which can repel immediately but maybe the stepping stones to success. For example, going to a movie or playing video games may seem an attractive thing for the time being but can, in the course of time not only disturb one’s studies but also injure our eyes. Therefore, we should always restrain our intuitive and impulsive desires and then act according to what our mind says is right. Even the great men like Gandhi, Nehru, John Kennedy have been prey to their passions and emotions due to which the nations suffered. We should learn from their lives and should always act thoughtfully.

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