English Essay on “How I Celebrated My Birthday” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

How I Celebrated My Birthday

Essay No. 01

A birthday is a happy day in one’s life. On this day, one feels like a king or queen. It is the day when I feel important. My parents and sister start the day by decorating the house. In the drawing – room colorful balloons are hung and colored lamps are placed in a string. On my last birthday, the birthday invitations were issued to friends and relatives a week in advance. In the evening, a big birthday cake was placed on the table in the center of the drawing-room and candies were put around it. In the evening when all my friends and relatives had arrived and gathered in the drawing-room, I was asked by my mother to cut the cake with a knife and blow out the candles which had been lighted by my sister a little while ago. Then pieces of cake were distributed to everyone present. Thereafter, eatables were served to the guests. it was indeed a day of merry-making.


Essay No. 02

How I Celebrated My Birthday

I feel special joy in thinking about my birthday as it is also the day on which my country became a republic. I was born on 26th January sixteen years ago. Usually two days before my birthday, I and my sister start preparing for the big day. Both of us invite our friends for the coming party. Before the actual party starts I along with my parents visit the Blind Association to donate a certain amount to their welfare fund.

Our friends start arriving at around 5.30 PM. I receive all my friends and make them sit comfortably in the decorated room. They all bring gifts nicely packed in coloured wrappers. This time I also got a nice surprise, as my grandparents who, live in U.S. had especially flown to India for my birthday. They had also brought me nice presents.

When everyone was gathered in the room, my mother brought my favourite chocolate cake with candles lit on its corner. As I blowed off the candles and cut the cake, all my friends, family started singing “Happy Birthday.” Everyone wished me a nice future, as the cake and drinks were doing the rounds.

We all played a lot of interesting games. As the evening drew to a close it was time to finish the party as some of my friends came from far off places.

I celebrated my birthday with a lot of dazzle and gaitey.

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