English Essay on “Future of English in India” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Future of English in India

Essay No. 01

Free India wants to grow into a powerful nation. The dream of India is to become a country of twenty first century in the world by progressing in all spheres. The economic, social, political and technological life of the people is to be changed to meet the global standard. It will be necessary for India to utilize all the means and resources which are useful for achieving the goal. The competency of the people needs to be increased in all the fields including science and technology. India can progress upto desired expectation with expert technicians, mechanics, engineers, educationists, scientists and other skilled persons. We need a good quality of education and thorough study mainly in the field of science and new technology. The important books of science, technology, research and development are mostly in English. Majority of the students feel convenience to study the books on these subjects in English. It will be in the national interest for encouraging English for better and thorough acquisition of the knowledge of science, latest technology and research work through these books.

India is progressing rapidly and has emerged as a strong power in this sub-continent. In the present scenario, it will be necessary for India to be more strong for maintaining its interest, safety. decisive strategy and existence in the world. That will be possible when India commits for dedicated global deals in all the fields for enhancing its progress. It will be compulsory for us to give importance to English which has become an international language for communication. India is very specific and firm in its foreign policy. It is the focus of attention of all the countries of the world in view of disarmament, peace, co-operation and the unity for which India always stood for. It will be necessary to have a command over English to get the people of the world easily motivated towards India’s view point.

India is a country in which people living in different parts have their own regional languages. All the regional languages are quite different from one another. Some of them have been recognized officially and a larger number of are lacking constitutional status. It is English which can be used as a common language even within the country as a media of communication and for exchanging ideas with each other. The close communication and contact among the people will bring them nearer and that will help in maintaining internal unity and national integration. This is the age of science. The world is changing at a terrific speed.

This is all scientific and technological progress which the number of countries of the world have made. If we want to keep pace with these fast moving countries, a purposeful, scientific and technological research must be made in our own land. Our own regional languages including Hindi do not have the capacity to serve the purpose as the guiding materials on science and technology are mostly available in the books which are in English. It is necessary to continue the study of English which is useful multifariously and is also acceptable as a common and international language.

The English language carries rich literature and it is an interesting subject to learn and communicate through. The study of English gives a feeling of superiority as this language is generally spoken amongst the literate masses and those who possess the capability to work at high level. That inspires the children to gain more knowledge of English for their excellence. Even after 60 years of our independence, we still continue the study of English need fully and all good English medium schools still carry good reputation. Most of the intelligent students are preferring to still their subjects through English medium. Almost all the people of educated community are getting their children admitted in English medium schools.

All the good jobs are provided to those who possess adequate knowledge of English. Their writing power, fluency in speaking, reading and understanding in English are assessed before offering good jobs. Further more all the competitions of visionary career mainly for administrative and managerial appointments are being carried out largely in English. The students know the necessity of English and they know that they need good command over this language to succeed in their life. We cannot ignore the study of English under these circumstances.

The English language is an easy and scoring subject. There are many good words in English which convince and attract the listeners. The people who have the knowledge of English generally speak English and such people are considered better educated in the society. There is a general feeling amongst the people of Indian society that education is incomplete without, English.

English must remain a compulsory subject for quite a long time. It must also be continued as a medium of instruction at least in science, technology and other essential subjects for our progress and making us easy to go with the world. English is very much helpful mainly to those who go to foreign countries for job, business and studies. We should continue to provide facility of English medium in all the schools and the institutions at least till the time our own languages are fully developed.

Essay No. 02

Future of English in India

English was introduced in India by the Britishers. They had a selfish motive behind it. They required petty clerks to run their administration. By giving workable knowledge of English to the Indians, they aimed at producing clerks. Now when India has achieved freedom, priorities have also undergone a change. They continuation of English has become a controversial subject.

On one hand there are those people who say that English should continue as before. They are of the view that English is the language which created consciousness among Indians and united them against the British rulers. Without English national integration was not possible. They further express the view that English is an international language. Without it we shall be no better than the frog of a well. Moreover higher education is possible in English only. English opens our doors to the west. As such the votaries of English want it to continue before.

On the other side there are people who oppose English language. They argue that English is a foreign language. It is a symbol of slavery Since the English have left India English must also go. It checks the spread and growth of Indian languages. They advance the view that each free country in the world has its own national language. Hindi has been accepted our national language. Therefore Hindi should get the place of English.

There should be no quarrel in the name of language. English should be retained in the interest of the country. The three-language formula is the best solution. Every Indian should learn his mother tongue right in the beginning. He should learn Hindi as a national language. English should be learnt as a link language. The future of English is thus as bright as ever before.

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