English Essay on “Autobiography of An Umbrella” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Autobiography of An Umbrella

I am an umbrella. I am a petty object and look like a collection of a few pieces of cloth and metal. But, I have my own thrilling life and can recollect some of my adventures. A part of my life was spent in a shop where many others like me provided me with the company. As soon as the summer season arrived, I was in demand. It is during the rainy season that people are attracted towards me. I felt relief when I left the shop and came into the hands of my new master. I am now at his beck and call. When I am drenched in rain, my master leaves me in a deserted corner of his house instead of spreading me and leaving me to dry. I feel that this treatment by my master is merciless. There is, however, nothing that I can do about it. One day, my master was taking a stroll in the nearby park in the morning hours when a dog came near him and attempted to catch his trousers. My master, who had carried me with him, hit the dog hard by me and the dog ran away sparing my master. Due to this incident, my master expressed his appreciation for the service rendered by me. On another day when heavy rains started on the way of my master, I rendered him a great service at the cost of my own life. The heavy rains damaged my body and my master had to get me mended. I am always in service of my master. I am an umbrella.


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